Over the lifetime of a business, an owner will experience different needs with different goals. Whether you are in the process of expanding your business through acquisitions or looking to exit your business, Synergy Group can assist you in every aspect of the transaction. We are experienced in managing various transaction types occurring in almost every major industry, both nationally and internationally.

Our professionals can help prepare your company for the most efficient and favourable completion of a transaction. We will work closely with you to analyse the company and market, prepare your company’s portfolio, define and locate the right potential partners, and manage all aspects of the transaction until a successful closure is achieved. We will enlist the aid of our extensive international network to ensure we find appropriate partners and to negotiate the absolute best terms for your business.

The usual steps in a successful transaction are:

Synergy Group M&A Process

Develop Acquisition Strategy

  • Evaluate client’s business strategy
  • Benchmark to competitors
  • Identify needs and weaknesses that could be addressed through acquisitions

Position The Business

  • Develop an Executive Summary describing the client
  • Develop a presentation to attract targets/buyers

Identify And Contact Potential Targets/Acquirers

  • Identify potential targets/buyers
  • Contact targets via phone and e-mail
  • Execute standard NDA
  • Set up management meetings

Conduct Due Diligence

  • Lead business due diligence team
  • Coordinate financial due diligence
  • Coordinate legal due diligence
  • Assist in preparation of board material

Structure Transaction and Negotiate Terms

  • Value
  • Structure
  • Potential exits
  • Tax Considerations
  • Develop financial models
  • Coordinate the drafting of documents

Close Transaction

  • Coordinate closing activities
  • Assist in post-transaction integration