M&A Book

M&A Book

“How to sell your business?” is a book, which describes the required steps through which each owner has to go through if he decides to sell his company. The focus is on active businesses not on selling assets from companies. The practical examples in the book will help you to understand the theoretical concepts. There is also a special chapter for those of you who are interested to buy another business or if you want to know how a company valuation is calculated. The decision to sell your family business is taken sometimes once in lifetime and it will be good if you, as a company owner, are prepared for that step. The book “How to sell your business?” will help you with this task.

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The statistics reveal that only 30% of the family businesses are transferred successfully to the second generation and only 15% to the third generation. Since the beginning of its activities the team of Synergy group is working mainly with family owned companies and consult them on M&A related topics. One of the main reasons why the owners want to sell their company is because there is nobody to take over the business. That’s why we provide consulting services related to succession planning and the founder of Synergy Group, Kaloian Kirilov, published the book “Who will take over my business?” This book will show you how to walk the path from “family run” to “family owned” business. For the exact tools and individual plans you can contact us for guidance.

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