Cash flow Management

Cash flow Management

“Profit is vanity, Revenue is sanity, and Cash is king” - Alan Miltz

Your business can be in one of the following three situations. They are completely different but all of them will benefit from having an optimized cash flow management. We have 15 years experience working on financial projects from investment perspective. We are not accountants. We know how to handle cash and investment decisions. Here are the three company cases:

Losing money – discover why?

Growing business but no cash – why?

Extra cash – what to do with it?

The team of Synergy Group can help you to find answers to these questions by:

  • Create a financial forecast
  • Help you stop doing things that lose money. The fastest way to make more money in business is to stop doing things that lose money
  • Working capital optimization
  • Anticipate the financial applications of growing your business. How much cash will you need?