We believe that true partnerships are created from people who make each other stronger. The real test of a partnership is whether it can endure the bad times; anybody can be your partner during good times.

The construction of our management team reflects these beliefs. In our view, success in the M&A field requires the active participation of individuals with experience in large and small operating companies, academia and government, as well as private equity investing. To that end, Synergy Group has built a team, which is dedicated to its work with one goal in mind: to help our clients and partners with their knowledge, skills, and expertise in the mergers and acquisitions field.

Калоян Кирилов - Основател


Mr. Kaloian Kirilov

That excellent team is led by the founder of the company Mr. Kaloian Kirilov.

Mr. Kirilov has a finance degree from the University of National and World Economy – Sofia and in 2003 he got an MBA from Grand Valley State University –USA. In the USA, he has worked for the private client group of Merrill Lynch and for the Small Business Development Center in Michigan.

After coming back to Bulgaria, Mr. Kirilov has worked for the bank sector and at the end of 2005 he set up Synergy Group as a company for strategy consulting and M&A advisory. Mr. Kirilov was also an Interim CEO of the biggest Bulgarian plastic pipes producer KDN AD. He is also the founder of two startups in Edtech. Author of the books “Startup in BG” 1 and 2 part, “Who will take over my company?” and “How to sell your company?”

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Dr. Mehmet Yazici

Dr. Mehmet Yazici is a consultant at Synergy Group and is in charge of Istanbul office in Turkey. Dr. Yazaci has a college degree from a Istanbul University School of Economics, MBA degree from Istanbul Dogus University and Doctorate degree from Istanbul Kadir Has University.

He served in the banking sector for 14 years in different positions including Commercial Loans Head and Branch Manager. He used to work as an instructor at the Turkish Banks Association and at Istanbul Arel University. Dr. Yazaci speaks Turkish and English.



Mr. Philip Alexiev

Mr. Philip Alexiev is a partner at Synergy Group. He has over 20 years of professional experience in various business areas including financial, transportation, and recycling & waste management sectors.

He has a significant managerial experience as a CEO & CFO of several large and successful Bulgarian companies with an international presence such as Bulgaria Air, Hemus Air, Makmetal Holding, etc., with P&L responsibility for up to 180 million EUR and up to 1 000 staff.



Mr. Delemir Delev

Mr. Delemir Delev is a partner at Synergy Group and is in charge of the company’s office in Beijing, China. Mr. Delev has a college degree from a Chinese University and have been living in China for 14 years. He used to work as a manager of cross border projects between Chinese and European firms in the fields of pharmacy and vaccines.

In 2008 he set up Lideka Bulgaria as a successful firm, which serve as a bridge between the Bulgarian and Chinese business. Mr. Delev speaks fluently Mandarin and English.