About Us

About Us

Your partner in mergers and sales of companies in Bulgaria

Who are we

Synergy Group is your M&A advisor in Bulgaria. We are experienced in managing various transaction types occurring in almost every major industry, both nationally and internationally. Synergy Group’s mission is to provide intelligent, valuable solutions to our clients, portfolio companies, investors, partners and team members, and to conduct our business in a manner that instills trust and confidence in those who rely on us to meet and exceed their goals.

Value added

As a value added advisor, Synergy Group provides not only access to know how, but also access to people. We support our cliets day in and day out. We stick with them for the long run. We commit to help them develop and execute clear, sound strategies, and to assist our clients in improving their good ideas. This makes Synergy Group the preferred M&A advisor for Bulgaria

Core values

Synergy Group is different and proud of it.
To understand our differentiation, it helps to understand the core values that have brought the organization together. We articulated a set of basic principles that underpin our culture. While portfolio companies, investment strategies and even personnel must undergo continuous evolution, these timeless values remain unchanged. They include:

Pursuit of Excellence

We are driven to improve continually on our individual and our partnership performance. We cannot allow ourselves to accept the complacency of acceptable performance. To meet these aspirations, we must be willing to lead, to create and to innovate, rather than being satisfied to follow and to imitate. Our standards for our investments must be as high as our standards for measuring ourselves.

Respect for the Client

At its root, we are consulting management teams, not just companies. Without entrepreneurs there would be no need for us. Therefore, we build a supportive working relationship with our clients. While we don’t shrink from making tough decisions and taking firm positions, we never forget that managements, not investors, manage companies. Our role is to suggest and advise, not to dictate or demand.

Teamwork and Consensus Decision-Making

A consulting company, like an entrepreneurial company, can only succeed on the strength of a balanced, integrated management team. Therefore, we make consensus on our proposals; and each one must be endorsed by the entire team. We also take a team approach to portfolio company development, which encourages dialogue, brings different skill sets to bear and builds our shared experience.

Straight Talk

We pride ourselves on direct, clear communication both inside and outside the firm. In an industry where spin occasionally overshadows substance, Synergy Group has a reputation for “just the facts” objectivity. What we lose in the short run due to our lack of promotional flair, we make up for in the long run through enhanced credibility. Our experience teaches us that the integrity underpinning this process works and saves time.

Constructive Impatience

We exist to create, not to criticize, and to make things happen, not to obstruct. Therefore, we encourage new ideas and when in doubt, we are biased towards action. We embody this approach to problem solving and organization in our planning process.