About Us

Synergy Group is your M&A partner in Bulgaria. We are experienced in managing various transaction types occurring in almost every major industry, both nationally and internationally. Synergy Group’s mission is to provide intelligent, valuable solutions to our clients, portfolio companies, investors, partners and team members, and to conduct our business in a manner that instills trust and confidence in those who rely on us to meet and exceed their goals.

Value added

As a value added advisor, Synergy Group provides not only access to know how, but also access to people. We support our cliets day in and day out. We stick with them for the long run. We commit to help them develop and execute clear, sound strategies, and to assist our clients in improving their good ideas.

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Synergy Group follows a code of ethics that we believe is fundamental to our long-term success. We conduct all activities in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics, honesty, commercial honor, just, and equitable principles of trade and applicable laws and regulations. We encourage portfolio companies to do the same.



We will enlist the aid of our extensive international network to ensure we find appropriate partners and to negotiate the absolute best terms for your business

Strategy Consulting

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take“

 Lewes Carrol

Cash Flow Management

“Profit is vanity, Revenue is sanity, and Cash is king”

 Alan Miltz

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